Advantages of Tata Sky over other DTH providers
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Step-1 : 1) Starting with the hardware, the Tata sky set top box has more professional look when compared with other DTH service providers. Moreover, heating is also comparatively low in case of Tata Sky set top box. If we compare Tata Sky with Dish TV, there is a major difference in terms of their storage capacity. Tata Sky comes with a 500 GB internal storage while in case of Dish TV, user gets only one USB pen drive whose size is 4 GB. Moreover, there are separate additional indicators for recording progress and remote function of the Tata Sky DTH.

Step-2 :2) If you are going to record programs or movies from your TV set, then Tata Sky is the better option because of two reasons. Firstly, as mentioned above Tata Sky comes with a 500 GB internal hard disk which is a lot of storage space. Secondly, there is a unique feature called series recording which helps to save many episodes of a particular channel. This feature allows users to save the future episodes automatically once any serial is being preset for recording. Moreover, Tata Sky also allows the user to record shows of more than one channel and this feature helps in watching several channels even while the recording is in progress. In case of Dish TV, this option is not present.

Step-3 :3) The best thing of Tata Sky DTH service is its post sales support. Most of the Indian DTH providers claim that they provide good customer support but one can find reviews against such claims all over the internet. However, Tata Sky is the only company that sends an engineer in less than 24 hours of complaint. Most of the buyers ignore this aspect and focus only on pricing and the number of channels. However, it is important to consider this customer support facility as well while searching for a new DTH connection.

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